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Chris Miller is a Direct Entry Midwife with over forty years of experience delivering babies. For the past thirty-two years, she has proudly served the northern Utah area, including Salt Lake City, while attending over 3000 births.
Caring for mothers, babies, and families.


  • I am a first time mom and had a rough labor, I’m very grateful to Jen and Chris for all of their help, support, and kind words. They are definitely a blessing to me! I will never have a baby anywhere other than home or their birthing center! I delivered a healthy baby girl and my husband was given the chance to cut her cord. I was in active labor for about 15-16 hours and my water broke 20 1/2 hours before delivery though Chris also broke it right before the pushing stage. I am 100% sure if it hadn’t been for these ladies, I would have gotten some kind of drugs and not succeeded with a natural delivery.

    Arimo, ID

  • Chris provided the environment and birth support I dreamed about. I will refer her 100% because every woman deserves a birth experience like mine.

    Troya Huggard
    Huntsville, UT


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